Sense-Ease – Autistic sensory toys for babies and young children

Welcome to Sense-Ease we’re a unique online shop in the UK that specialises in sensory toys for autism and other supportive products that can help with sensory processing disorder or general vast development for your child. As a family run business we have first-hand experience raising an autistic/special needs child. Therefore, we’re very aware of the positive impact that playing with sensory toys has for babies and young children with autism.

As parents of a child with autism, we understand the ups and downs, joys, and challenges, that you face as a parent. This is why we decided to setup an online shop that is filled with educational play, sensory soothing, advocate clothing, and sensory toys for babies and autistic/special needs children.

Educational play and sensory soothing

From lights and sensory tents to educational toys and puzzles, our online shop is full of products and tools to help your child develop important skills while building their self-esteem and confidence. Our range of educational tools offer a proven way to support the learning and development needs of children with special needs.
Sensory soothing products such as air purifiers, acupressure sensory mats, fidget toys, and stress balls can all help to calm the sense and help children and babies with autistic traits to regulate their emotions. Toys and other sensory items help young children to keep their hands busy while they develop skills such as concentration and tactile awareness.

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Sensory toys

Sensory toys help children relax, focus and calm down. This can be especially... 

Sensory soothing

Calming sensory lights, fidget toys and stress balls for autismOur sensory soothing... 

  • Why Sense-Ease

    We are passionate parents who have a child with ASD henceforth chose Sense-Ease as we struggled to find sensory toys/products to help with our son. All the baby and autistic sensory toys, educational play, and soothing products that we sell in our online shop have been trialled on children with learning difficulties/special needs. We have first-hand experience with a lot of the items that we stock and know how effective they are which is why we support them so passionately.

  • Our Mission

    We are trusted a passionate family business who have the knowledge/advantage and experience of raising an autistic/special needs child. Therefore, our mission is to help as many families as we can through soothing, stimulation and most of all play. Browse our online shop now and order today for fast UK delivery.