Collection: Sensory soothing

Calming sensory lights, fidget toys and stress balls for autism
Our sensory soothing and calming products include everything from sensory lights and fidget toys such as stress balls for kids to sensory chew toys, light-blocking tents, and acupressure mats. Designed to calm the senses and regulate emotions, sensory lights provide an effective option for babies and young children with autism and other special needs.
Fidget toys and stress balls will help provide tactile stimulation and can improve focus, communication, and social skills in children with ASD/Special needs. At Sense-Ease we understand the benefits of sensory soothing and calming and the real value that products such as sensory lights, chew toys, and fidget toys provide to those who have kids with special needs.
Whether looking to create a calming environment for your child at home or looking for way to enhance their environment at school, our range of sensory soothing products will help create a space where your child can relax. Browse our full range of calming sensory products below and order from our online shop for fast UK delivery.