Collection: Friendly Finder GPS tracker for children

The Friendly Finder GPRS/GPS tracking device

Introducing our GPRS tracker designed specifically for children with autism - providing parents with peace of mind knowing their child's location is always within reach. Our tracker is the best GPS tracker for kids, is also compact and lightweight, making it easy to attach to your child's clothing or backpack. With real-time location tracking and geofencing capabilities, you'll receive instant alerts if your child wanders too far away from a designated safe zone. The tracker also features an SOS button that your child can press in case of an emergency with 2 way call. Keep your child safe and secure with our GPRS tracker. this product comes with a wrist watch attachment and also a specific undetachable magnetic pin that we have created which makes the GPS tracker to suit our autistic child as the problem we had was he would never put the tracker on and always tried to take it off. with this accessory we believe it solves the problem some parents would have. This GPS tracker is also tailored for the elderly as it comes with a wrist attachment accessory that make it a suitable GPS tracker for elderly.

Whether you need a GPS tracker for an elderly family member, a GPS tracker for an autistic child, or just want the best GPS tracking device for kids, we've got you covered.

GPS tracker for elderly suits them in many ways such as SOS button in case they feeling in danger or have a trip or fall, also includes a fall down detection which will alert the assigned number that the device has detected a fall. GPS tracker for elderly also includes a 2 way call and is water proof making it very durable in any situation. GPS tracker for elderly is suitable as it has geofencing capabilities, you may have a family member who suffers from dementia, so you can use the geo fencing capabilities to set it around the house they live at. as soon as the device goes pout of the designated area it will alert the assigned number. This can prevent further dangers from occurring.

This GPS tracker is also suitable for an autistic child as we have found a way to keep the device on clothing without the child being able to take it off.  the undetachable magnetic pin is vital for children with autism as we realised that our child did not leave devices on but with the magnetic pin he could remove the device which solved our problem and gave us peace of mind. GPS tracker for an autistic child works wonders for us and is the best GPS tracker for kids, we feel the GPS tracker for an autistic child would benefit other parents in the same situation.