Collection: Our story on finding the GPS tracker Friendly Finder

As a parent of a child with autism, I know first hand the challenges that come with ensuring their safety. For years, I've struggled to find a reliable way to keep track of my child when we're out in public. That's why I was thrilled to discover the Friendly Finder GPS SOS device, which has been a game-changer for our family.

My journey to becoming the finder of the Friendly Finder started with a simple search for GPS tracking devices for children with autism. I knew that my child was prone to wandering and that I needed something that would help me locate them quickly if they ever got lost. After researching a variety of options i couldn't seem to find anything affordable that didn't tie me into a contract and also sensory friendly.

What sets the Friendly Finder apart from other GPS tracking devices is its amazing features including the discreet button, also it can be programmed to call a pre-set phone number when pressed. This feature was especially appealing to me because it would allow my child to easily call for help if they ever felt scared or lost and also vice verser with a code I can call him too. I also appreciated that the device was small and discreet, so my child wouldn't feel self-conscious about wearing it.

Once I received the Friendly Finder that I had been working on with a manufacturer, I quickly set it up and started testing it out with my child. We went on a few outings to the park and the grocery store, and I was amazed at how accurate the device's location tracking was. I could see my child's exact location in real-time on my phone, and I felt so much more confident knowing that I could quickly find them if they ever wandered off.

However, it wasn't until a particularly scary incident that I truly realized the value of the Friendly Finder. One day, my child wandered away from me in a crowded shopping mall. I immediately panicked and started searching for him, but I couldn't find him anywhere. I remembered then i could call the friendly Finder and quickly did so . Within minutes, a kind stranger had found my child and brought him back to me. I was so grateful for the peace of mind that the Friendly Finder had given me, and I knew that other parents of children with autism could benefit from it too.

That's why I decided to become the finder of the Friendly Finder. I wanted to spread the word about this amazing device and help other families keep their children safe, for if I could do that it would mean the world to me to potentially save a child or even just a distressing moment for a parent. I started talking to other parents in my community, sharing my experiences with the Friendly Finder and encouraging them to try it out for themselves. I even started a blog where I could share tips and advice for using the device, as well as stories of how it had helped me and my family.

Thanks to my partners efforts along with mine, many parents in my community have started using the Friendly Finder and have seen the same benefits that I have. It's been so rewarding to know that I've helped other families find a solution to the same problem that I faced for so long. I'm grateful for the Friendly Finder and for the peace of mind that it's given me and my family