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Music Keyboard Mat with build speaker

Music Keyboard Mat with build speaker

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Our keyboard mat is an innovative and exciting way to encourage music exploration, develop gross motor skills, and promote sensory integration for children with special needs. Here's how:

  • Sensory input: The colourful lights and sounds of our Music Piano Mat Keyboard provide sensory input that can help regulate and organize a child's nervous system.

  • Gross motor skills: Stepping, jumping, and dancing on the keyboard mat can help develop gross motor skills, balance, and coordination.

  • Music exploration: Our keyboard mat features a variety of sounds, rhythms, and melodies that encourage creative music exploration and can help develop musical abilities.

  • Interactive play: Our keyboard mat is designed for interactive play, providing a fun and engaging activity that can help children with special needs build social skills and develop emotional regulation.

Our Music Piano Mat Keyboard is made with high-quality materials for safe and durable use. Whether you're a caregiver, teacher, or therapist, our keyboard mat is a versatile and enjoyable tool to support children with autism and special needs with 8 Selectable Musical Instruments with a Build-in Speaker

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